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Petals & Vine Design

Women Picking Olives

Women Picking Olives

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MET Art Series

At the end of 1889, Van Gogh painted three versions of this picture. He described the first as a study from nature "more colored with more solemn tones" (private collection) and the second as a studio rendition in a "very discreet range" of colors (National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.). The present work, the most resolved and stylized of the three, was intended for his sister and mother, to whom Van Gogh wrote: "I hope that the painting of the women in the olive trees will be a little to your taste—I sent [a] drawing of it to Gauguin, . . . and he thought it good. .

  • Raw Canvas
  • Frayed Edges, Mounted on Mat
  • 19"w x 16"h
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