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Cereria Molla 1899

Amber and Sandalwood

Amber and Sandalwood

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Amber & Sandalwood takes us to the heart of Egypt, where the creaminess of sandalwood meets the sensuality of cedar. The fruity nuances of bergamot give it a sparkling touch capable of captivating any space. A spicy aromatic essence accompanied by a fresh citrus finish, its sweet musky smell and a slight touch of wood, sweeten all the rooms in your home. 

 Our scented candles are handmade of vegetable wax and cotton wick, presented in glass vases made and painted by hand - 8 oz.


Diffuser Set (includes sticks) 3.4 oz

Diffuser Set (includes sticks) 16.9 oz

Diffuser Refill 6.7 oz

Diffuser Refill 16.9 oz

Handwash 16.9 oz 

Incense Stick set - 20 x 9" Sticks (can put outside in your plants!)

Room and Body Spray - 3.4 fl oz

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